How To Get Your Workout Routine Tailor Made

Just like everyone perceives the world differently, think differently, react differently; similarly our bodies too demand for workouts that separate us from others differently.

Supposedly the workouts we do or at least think we can do, are just obsessed with the DNA system. They say we work differently for different people. Considering the versatility of the human biology, suggesting a new workout regime for You, You and You too is most likely an insanely difficult task. So does that mean, there can’t be workout routines that could fit in your boots? Well, I’d say lets revise the concept again.

There are many factors that influence what workout we chose. Age, height, fitness goals, diet followed, free time, etc, these are just the minutiae, which can barely contribute in choosing the exact workout routine for a person. It involves a complete understanding of every inch of your body if it comes to assemble the workout that’s specifically for you. Which seems a little out of the track, no?

But don’t worry there’s this person who can guide you with a workout regime that best suits your body stats. And that’s YOU. Yes, you are probably the one. I know its scary to tailor your own workout routines. Specially when you’ve never done this before. Neither the workout, leave alone building one for yourself.

So lets figure out what all you’d want to be answered before you’re all set to plan your very own workout routine and that too yourself.

How Much Time Should I Ideally Devote Each Day?

Okay, if you use the word ideal, you’re more likely to confuse yourself even more. Because the amount of time you devote for exercising depends on your present situation.

If you are already working out, and not satisfied (well probably that’s the reason why you’re here), you can spare around one hour. This will do the deal just perfect.

If you are one of the lazy lot, who never bothered moving the ass to workout until acquainted with a harsh realization, then to start off with, religious 30 minutes is a decent time to invest.

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What Exercises Should I Pay Most Attention To?

The obvious and immediate response to this question is a question itself. And that is, ‘What are your goals‘?

So keep it simple silly!

Ponder the areas you’d want to work over. Figure them out, Mug them up, write them down. Fix a solution and get going with it. Albeit this is a goal oriented query, generic exercises bestow their benefits irrespective of your goals. You can chose from the following to kick start with.

These are the specific areas you should keep under consideration while building workout routines for yourself.

Quads – You should wish for an exercise that can workout your quadriceps.



One legged squats,

Box jumps.

these are few of the exercises that can help you build those ripping quads.

Butts and Hamstrings – Lightly speaking Round round butts are not just good to see (while covered, ofcourse!) but also good to be seated at. So you should most definitely carve them beautifully.

Hip raises,


Straight leg deadlifts

Good mornings

Step ups

The good news is, these exercises also work best for your hamstrings.

Chest, shoulders, and triceps – Bulged out chest, muscle revealing triceps and hard hitting shoulders can be possessed, if you’re ready to follow the exercises undermentioned.

Overhead press

Bench press

Incline dumbbell press

Push ups, dips

Back, Biceps and Forearms – T-shirt ripping Biceps and back full of curves can give you a high on the feel-good-factor more than a chocolate could. You can consider the following back exercises for building a well built back, biceps and forearms.

Chin ups

Pull ups

Inverse body weight rows

Dumbbell rows.

Abs and Lower Back – If abs and lower back tops your goals’ list then sparing some good 30 minutes for the following ab workouts, back exercises, some lower back exercises and powering yourself up with some abdominal exercises each day shall crack the deal for you and you never know you end up building those perfect six pack abs for yourself.


side planks

exercise ball crunches

Medicine ball exercises

mountain climbers

jumping knee tucks

hanging leg raises

Now you do not have to fix to some particular exercise only. Your goals are of foremost importance. True that! But why make your other muscles feel left out. As it is, practicing the same exercises for days and weeks and months, will make you and your muscles sink in the boredom. Try this. Mix and match all the exercises. Try for may be planks on Monday along with your goal oriented exercises. Keep it random but do not forget to cover the important exercises for the week.

Working out everyday does not necessarily build your muscles. You make muscles during their rest time. Put them to rest for at least 48 – 72 hours. Try working out three days a week. Monday alternate sounds the best. Monday in itself is a saddening day. So when the rest of the world would be busy recovering from Monday blues, you can find yourself stuffed with the feel-good-factor post the Monday morning exercises.

How Many Sets Should I Be Doing?

Warm up as per your requirements and then fix your sets to around 3-5 per exercise. Apparently 5-6 exercises of 4 sets each is likely to give better benefits, rather than over training yourself by working out more than 25 sets. It will only harm you. You can anytime increase your number of sets once you gain the strength to do that. Strength training gives you more idea about how any sets to follow while doing it.

How Many Reps Should I Include In My Workout Routine?

Reps are the number of repetitions of an exercise than account for one set. So it is important for you to choose an optimum number of reps considering your situation (New to exercising or have been doing it for a long time now). There can be many categories here. But mainly it is the goal that is to be kept in mind while scheduling workout routines.

If you wish to build muscles and burn fat – 8-15 Reps per Set should do the deal

8-15 reps per set – Build muscles and burn fat

5-8 Low Reps – Monday

12-15 High Reps – Wednesday

8-12 Medium Reps – Friday

Some Terminologies Concerning Reps:

myofibrillar hypertrophy – Reps in the range of 1-5. They satisfy you with well built muscles that are more strengthened.

Reps in the range of 6-12 helps you build kind of equal amount of muscle strength and endurance.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy – These are the Reps more than 12. They build muscular endurance and size.

What’s The Ideal Wait Between Two Sets?

Considering the amount of reps you’re doing (keep it easy if you’re a beginner), the durations of the wait keeps on varying until you switch over to another set.

Watch this precised wait structure.

1-3 Reps – Wait for about 3-5 minutes before switching.

4-7 Reps – Wait for 2-3 minutes before moving on to the other set.

8-12 Reps – Wait for about 1-2 minutes until you restart the second set.

13+ Reps – 30 seconds to 1 minute is good enough a wait to retart.

Hof dumbbell bench press and rest for again a minute or less. And then again back to doing squats. And so on.

Now what happens here is; One – you complete both the exercises in half the time. Two – since you are resting less, it takes a lot more for your muscles to workout for the next exercise. Thereby pressurizing your muscles as well as heart, only to strengthen even more. A Win Win Situation.

Also, your muscles are not being exerted too much. why? Because you will be performing two completely different sets of muscles. While you’ll be working on one type, the other would be resting. So yes, the rest time increases in disguise.

You can anytime mix any number and type of exercises for the purpose of alternating between your sets. Kettlebell exercises mixed with core exercises and lat pulldown for instance. Just that you choose exercises catering to an altogether different group of muscles.

Keep Traversing Your DAILY Routine

Maintain a journal recording your daily Bodybuilding workouts. This really really helps. A bit of extra effort out of the league, but you get comparisons. And while you’re still on your way, comparing with your own self is better than comparing with others. Write what exercises you did today. What all weights you lifted. How many reps you repeated to make a set.

Now keep a follow up of this everyday. Mention if someday you tried weight lifting without any hassles and you plan to increase the magnitude of your weights. Compare your endurance levels from the previous days and then months.

There’s a lot you can do to map your results and may be alter your routine to a better workout plan.

How About A Quick Crux!

Always warm up for 10-15 minutes prior to your actual workouts.

Always cover at least one big exercise for each of your main muscles. Like Quads, Butts, hamstrings, core, biceps, chest etc.

Do 3-5 sets of each exercise.

Determine your reps and rest between sets. Also the manner in which you will alternate between the sets as explained above. Better make a chart for this, so that you do not forget.a

Do not give your muscles a fatigue. Make your exercises interesting by changing them.

Workout for at least 45 minutes –  1 hour.

Make your Bodybuilding workouts harder by increasing weights and reps and sets.

Always Stretch after your workouts. Forward or Back stretches should be emphasised.

Never forget to write and keep a track of your daily workouts. And Compare later.

So that’s it! Supposedly you know it all by now. Go and make your workout routine and do let me know in the comments below if it was as hard as you thought it to be?

You’re all good to go now. So get going.