Founder of Multi-Combat

Grand Master Rastineh Biography

He was born in 1971 in a religious family. He was the fourth child of his family and he didn't get tired in children activities.

From that very time his interest in sports and combat distinguished him from his brothers and according to his mother's dixit he was uncontrollable. His interest was enhanced when he was nominated as the team captain of Givechian school 5th class. Master Tabatabai the coach of 17 Shahrivar loved his half-back play and would always use him in a in a fix team composition until when he was invited to Ghom province Soheil team and later he joined the Paas football team and did continue his practices in the terminal play ground coached by colonel Bonyanian. His skill in football was amazing and due to his capability he made a progress in handball too and could become one of the best players of the handball team.

The dream of becoming a football player then flied away from his mind and he hung up his shoes to say good bye. He became interested in martial sports and entered the club with affection. He says when he made a goal he became joyful and jumped towards the sky and could not stand on his foot. When I saw happiness in the face of my coach I got amazed. When the sweat ran on my forehead and when I received the first strike I was grateful as I felt I was my own. Kyokoshinkai made his body tough. The thinking of Grand Master Oyama (a man of era material type) did lead his mind to the heart of nature, galaxy and to the depth of darkness in human beings. Lost in his feelings and emotions he says each step that I took in martial sports did take me to an end of a new world and I was full of delight. Hours of practice, fighting, thinking and study about the existence of martial arts was his everyday work. There was no club to feel the sweat of his body.

Day and night of practice in this style became my life basics. He was always after new activities. He used to jog and run during the night time with a smile on his face looking up towards the sky while people were in a cozy dream. Yes it was the sound of his steps in the silence of night.

It was only a year of his practice in Kyokoshinkai that his movements and strikes got popular and with his endeavors Mr. Bahadoran entered Qom and Kyokoshinkai entered into a new phase in the Qom desert city. His thirsty and rebel spirit and his interest in innovation motivated him to track the Kendo style under the inspection of Grand Master Karamyar.

Mr. Arabajiksi, the president of Bulgaria Kendo federation was a good opportunity for him to raise his knowledge. Military central security was the starting point of co-operation with armed forces for performing the art of Kendo and then the implementation of this style in the police special forces with the sharpness of colonel Babai. By starting of multi-combat in year 2003 and vast practices a new phase opened to the martial arts. He was trying to prove Iran and being an Iranian and he had to prove that an Iranian is at the top and this was only a starting of the long way. The combination of club style and self-defense took place for the first time in the world in the form of a multi combat. This style is a combination of best martial arts and security self-defense. In year 2006 this style was used for training the Strike battalion of the Tehran police chief.


Brigadiers Bateni and Talai were the supporters of this style and colonel Sadughi motivated the teaching of this style as the best style in police training. The police pre-protection department did ask for the assistance of Master Rastineh to train the employees of the security companies headed by Colonel Hosseini. In year 2008 a big festival of self-defense and martial arts was held for the first time by this style and police in the Shahid Afrasiabi arena. In past many styles were innovated and is still emerging but they are club fighting and do not emphasize on family security. Multi-combat styles by its big thought do bring comfort to families from physical, mental,spiritual,and security aspects and has prepared different training courses based on age and category of people.


About Multi Combat

To become big first become small by Sosai Oyama. The world is developing. Our life span is not that much long to initially acquire experience and in the next life time apply the same. If so then we might step ahead with fear while moving onward without any leader and light. It is wise to first equip oneself with light of knowledge and then step forward with confidence and safety.

Human beings proceed one step forward every day in technique and Profession. In past the martial arts styles didn’t exceed fingers of a hand.

Slowly the grand masters like Sosai Oyama brought new and big changes in world of combats. In this line of specialty there were masters who established styles with combat methods likewise street fights.

In the styles there seems no humility at all late Sosai Oyama address the interested of his class as: However the youngest of new era do appreciate a combat near to reality but I should remind that humility should never be forgotten in a combat specially to parents and elders which is fortunately much exercised in Iran fighters who develop Islamic and national habit and character in them.

Multi combat style

This martial art was registered in Year 1382 by Grand Master Mostafa Rastineh. He innovated this style with his feeling of duty and with a look to the needs of youngsters and he knew that the security is ancient as the history of human beings.

There is no society in the history that has passed a life without any problem and security. Despite security is a feeling of confidence and comfort against aggression to one’s life, asset, job and other human rights. This sole cost is one of the necessities of social and individual life.

Today people feel unsafe due to everyday life and that’s why they search for security. This is the responsibility of government to maintain individual and social security.

A family is a smaller structure of the society. The family safety can be discussed from different points of view and one of them is to build up family physically and mentally. They can develop confidence, power, broad-mindedness, etc. in themselves by inclining towards martial arts which could play an important role in security of family and society. Multi-combat style has stepped forward towards the Families security with self-defense and physical readiness. This style has brought big changes in martial arts with its motto: “our art is to provide security to the family“.

This has directed martial arts from sports club to the houses. Multi combat is designed for say defense and security which is a significance.

Master Rastineh was teaching a method through which he could implement the culture of martial arts to communities. Multi combat is a complete set of arts penetrating into the heart of people by which all physical and spiritual needs are fulfilled. Likewise other martial sports Multi Combat puts its all efforts to Promote this style among youths to protect their Children from addiction and corruption and help by empowering people in spiritual and mental needs at the society level. Through this path Multi-combat has started building sports clubs with an academic support equipped with halls of shooting, bow and arrow, dart, martial arts & gym for 3000 athletes which shows the potential and capability of its form.

This style has conducted training courses at different levels with regard to the attention it has paid to the health and physical training of children and youths.

These courses are being hold for the first time professionally in the academy of Multi-Combat under the inspection of men and women specialists and has put an applicable impact in the physique of up-growing children and does cover the daily weaknesses.

The main deed is strong relation that we have with ministry of education and physical training and promotion of martial arts among schools and families emphasizing on this particular: ‘physical training before education.’

Multi-combat with a deep study and knowledge on life of family and society and self-motivated training of individuals has based its parameters on the security in families thus raising the cultural level of the society and is confident that with the support of government, non-government and economic centers she may reach to an innovation and growth in martial arts.

Multi Combat has commenced a vast activity in the country and has based the methods of self-defense on unique activities in security thus challenging self-defense and martial arts festivals in upgrading the level of training in schools, companies, government and non-government centers thus making public and government familiar with the high values of martial arts which is the focus point of Iran martial arts authorities and responsible officers.