What is Multifitness?

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness is something that everybody aspire to do. But what does Multifitness actually mean?

According to the definition proposed by the founder of this organization, it consists of a series of sports activities, which enhance the ability to perform the physical and mental activities of an individual.

This definition goes beyond human abilities in various sports and disciplines. All sports are important for the health of body and soul; however, they all refer to only one field of the art of multifitness.

Here are some key points about Multifitness:

  • Maintaining physical fitness can help ward off a number of disease.
  • Different types of muscle fiber develop depending the type of activity completed.
  • Body composition can change drastically with correct and practical exercise.
  • Stretching to increase flexibility can ease a number of medical complaints.

Physical fitness can be achieved through continuous and practical exercise.

Multifitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, physical activity, and sufficient rest. Multifitness improves human in all physical aspects such as cardio/respiratory endurance, weight set, sleep regulation, meal plan regulation and even sexual regulation, mental health, social health, and emotional wellbeing. Physical fitness can also prevent or treat many chronic health conditions brought on by unhealthy lifestyle or aging. Physical fitness can also help some people sleep better and possibly alleviated some mood disorders in certain individuals. Multifitness reduces the risk of developing various inflammatory disease.

Multifitness is:

1.Physical activity and exercise

2.Correct nutrition

3.Enough rest and good quality sleep

4.Stress management and relaxation

5.Reducing risk of disease

6.Lowering cholesterol level

7.Building stronger bones, joints and ligaments

8.Maintenance of optimal body weight

9.Boosting the energy level

10.Improving appearance

11.Causing delayed aging

12.Making feel happier

13.Postponing fatigue

14.Increasing the confidence

15.Utilization and management of time

16.Preventing depression and stress

17.Preventing diabetes

18.Healthier and longer life

19.Prevention of inside rage

20.Prevention of disturbing social order

21.Creating a healthy family

22.Enhancing sense of cooperation and collaboration in society


As technology advances, fitness levels tend to decline. Technology improvement resulted in reducing the level of physical activity and physical fitness. Therefore, all sports administrators in different social, political, and sports fields are required to lead society toward the overall health and wellbeing through correct planning.

Multifitness is a thought above sports thoughts. It has been designed and organized in all physical and mental aspects of individuals in both prevention and treatment fields. It believes that sports, as a treatment, are able to prevent most damages, and even treat individuals after being damaged.

Multifitness calls for further exercise and mobility of individuals around the world. A minimum of 180-minute exercise in a week is the least thing that individuals may do towards the health of their own and family. To have a world free from diseases and abominations, we have to make plans for us and for the community around us. Multifitness is considered as the most advanced type of sport science in all systems, organizations, and institutions. In this organization, we believe in sports therapy and we consider sports as a type of treatment before and after the damage to human health in different nations. The board of directors of the organization has created a new method in training all sports through conducting research on any sport at the international level and combining it with their treatment methods.